Decorative Stone in Dillsburg, PA

Decorative Stone


Stone Supplies

Beyond our soil and mulch options, we host an impressive selection of decorative stone supply products. Come to us for products that’ll define your landscape or keep you comfortable during the cold Pennsylvania winters. Yorlets Farm and Garden, LLC will make sure you get what you need!

Decorative Stone Products

Stone is a tremendous addition to any landscape. We offer a broad range of options for every landscape application, making us the premier destination for decorative stone supply in Dillsburg, Franklintown, White Rock Acres, Grantham, and York County, PA. We price by the ton with certified scales and can coordinate delivery based on your proximity to our supply yard. Call for delivery pricing.

  • White Sandstone
  • Dark River Stone:
    • 3/8″
    • 3/4″
    • 1-3″
  • Autumn Red Stone:
    • 3/8″
    • 3/4″
    • 2″-4″
  • Tan Stone
  • Tan Stone Pea Gravel
  • Ocean Stone
    • 1-2″
    • 1-3″
  • Limestone:
    • 2-5″
  • Pocono Blend Stone:
    • 1″ – 3″
    • 3/4″
We Also Offer:
  • 2-A modified
  • 1-B stone
  • 2-B stone
  • Stone Dust
  • Mason Sand
  • Construction Sand

Stock Up on Decorative Stone

For the best in decorative rock and anthracite coal, contact Yorlets Farm and Garden, LLC today at 717-502-1558. We’ll help you get the decorative stone, and topsoil products you need, at a price you’ll be more than willing to pay for them.

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